The crisis as an opportunity for development of eHealth
Czech Republic

Vladimir Dzurilla graduated from the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava, also studied as an exchange student in Netherlands and at the British Open University. After completing his studies, he worked at Accenture, at O2 then, where he started his career as a consultant for projects to exchange and implement large IT systems and to implement organizational and process changes in companies. In the present is he working as a Chief Executive Officer for the State Treasury Shared Services Center, which main task is to provide ICT services to the state administration and operation of the National Data Center. He is currently managing the National Agency for Communications and Information Technology. The main company goal is to operate non-public communication networks and delivering shared applications used by public administration such as citizen portal and national identity.Vladimir Dzurilla also acts as an advisor to the Prime Minister for ICT and Digitization. He was appointed as Chief Digital Officer for IT and Digitization. Within this position, it creates and implements the strategic concept Digital Czech, which contributes to a significant shift in state IT and digital economy and society. He contributed significantly to the creation of the Digital Services Right Act, the Innovation Strategy of the Czech Republic the Country for the Future and other projects of transformation of public administration.