Intelligent urban mobility for the 21st century
Czech Republic

Rut Bízková deals with SMART solutions, innovative practices for development of society. She has been involved in analyses and strategies in the fields of energy, environment, research and development for over thirty years. She has held all positions in the state administration, from clerk to the Minister of the Environment. In 2012-2016, Rut was the chairwoman of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic, subsequently the director of the Central Bohemian Innovation Center. She is a member of the governmental Council for Research, Development and Innovation.

In recent years, Rut has participated in the development of the Innovation Strategy of the Czech Republic 2019–2030, RIS3 Strategy of the Central Bohemian Region, Development Strategy of the Central Bohemian Region until 2030, RE:START Strategy for Reconstruction and Development of Structurally Affected Regions, SMART Czechia UTM CR Strategy and SMART MRD Concept. She promotes the support of applied social science research as an essential component of the development of society.