Future of Jobs, Companies and Social Contract
Czech Republic

She is a well-known business woman, visionary and start-up investor. She is considered as the first lady of e-commerce in the Czech Republic. She graduated with a degree in management from VŠE and finance from UJEP. In 2010, she founded the company Zásilkovna and from it established an international logistics company with a turnover of almost 1,3 billion Czech Crowns within ten years of existence.  Currently, it is the head of the holding company Packeta, which is made up of ten companies and of which Czech Zásilkovna is a part of and manages more than 1500 employees. She has gained a wide range of awards for her business and innovative activities. She had gained the title EY Entrepreneur of year 2017 of the capital city Prague. In 2019, she had won in the ranking TOP Entrepreneur of year 2018 of publishing house Economia. For several years, she is associated with leading rankings on the list of Forbes most influential women, which placed her on the front-page in 2016 for the first time and in June 2019 for the second time. She often gives lectures, explanations to the media and presents in a wide range of professional events (which she often organizes) regarding the problematics of e-commerce. Simona Kijonková is married and has three children: daughters Adriana (12) and Nicole (7) and son Jaromír (9).