3rd annual year
International conference
Digital Czech Republic 2018


The Digital Czech Republic international conference promotes social debate, discussion between politicians as well as the private sector on key issues of digital technology, the digital economy, and the digitization of the public sector with aims towards more efficient and user-friendly administration. There is a gap between the drive and enthusiasm towards digitization expressed by citizens, entrepreneurs and Czech companies compared to the more tempered attitude displayed by state institutions.  The OECD and the European Union have criticized Czech state institutions for their lukewarm stance towards digitization. The aim of our conference is to identify the most serious problems related to digitization and to try to find answers to questions such as:

  • What steps should be taken by the government, public administration as well as state and public institutions to become more efficient and more responsive to the needs of citizens?
  • In which areas should the state intervene to enable and support the development of the digital economy?
  • The development of the digital economy brings new challenges and threats. How can we prepare for these challenges and what is the best way to prevent new threats?

The mission of the think-tank Institute for Politics and Society is to cultivate the Czech political and public sphere through professional and open discussion and to create a living platform which defines problems, analyses them and offers recipes for their solution in the form of cooperation with experts and politicians, international conferences, seminars, public discussions and political and social analysis available to the whole of Czech society. We believe that open discussion with experts and the recognition of the causes of problems is a necessary presumption for any successful solution to political and social problems.

The main themes are social changes, foreign and security policy, defence, European matters, sustainable development and adaptation to the coming climate change, education, schooling, digitization, energetics and its new forms, urbanism, life in a city and in a public environment and last but not least, matters of values in politics and human rights in our country and abroad.